THE PEKING ACROBATS are now playing at the Saskatoon Ex through August 14! Don`t miss out on the last of our 2016 Summer appearances in Western Canada, EH!?!

THE STARS OF THE PEKING ACROBATS return to the Erie County Fair August 10 - 23 to THRILL audiences daily! Many thanks to our FABULOUS NEW YORK FANS for bringing us back to YOUR FAIR!

THE STARS OF THE PEKING ACROBATS return to the LA County Fair for our 26th Season, September 2 - 25...WOW! So, come on out and catch your favorite show, LA!

Don`t forget...THE STARS OF THE PEKING ACROBATS are still WOWING the crowds at Canada`s Wonderland through September 5!

School may be starting soon (BOO!), but our Summer Shows are STILL SIZZLIN`!!

Be amazed by what you think you see and thrilled by what actually appears before your very eyes. Incredible Acrobats performing fabulous feats of agility and dexterity. Pyrotechnic magic featuring beautiful girls and thrilling spectacle in all new cabaret revues. Glorious voices ringing out, in a choir of angels. Thunderous drumming roars from a colorfully adorned stage in peals and ripples of joy.

From THE PEKING ACROBATS to THE MOSCOW BOYS CHOIR to JIGU! THUNDER DRUMS OF CHINA and so much more - IAI PRESENTATIONS provides the world with the most GLAMOROUS, INNOVATIVE, UNIQUE, and REFRESHINGLY NEW entertainment available today. Whatever your needs, IAI Presentations can deliver! Are you looking for a vibrant revue for your Casino venue? A fun-filled family show for your Theme Park stage? New and fresh alternatives for your Fair or Festival? A "grabber"' to spotlight your booth or product at your Convention? Something to really WOW that Corporate Client or your guests at a Special Event? Tried and true ticket sellers for your University or Performing Arts Series? IAI Presentations has all of this and more!

So, feel free to explore our website to find that special entertainment you are looking for and CONTACT US for more information today!

All of our show's DVDs and CDs are available for purchase. Call 1-800-424-3454 to place your order TODAY! Visa and Mastercard cheerfully accepted!


Or, please visit to place your order TODAY!

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